Couple Massage

Couples Massage

  • One Masseuse Price:-
  • Tantric Massage – 190€ (60 min.) – 280€ (90 min.)
  • Body to Body – 280€ (60 min.) – 380€ (90 min.)
  • VIP Massage – 380€ (60 min.) – 420€ (90 min.)
  • Two Masseuse Price:-
  • Tantric Massage – 300€ (60 min.) – 420€ (90 min.)
  • Body to Body – 420€ (60 min.) – 560€ (90 min.)
  • VIP Massage – 600€ (60 min.) – 800€ (90 min).

Wanting to share a different moment with your partner, where both of you will enjoy it in the same way, is an ideal gift to strengthen ties and take a step in the relationship that is based on trust and complicity.


You can choose the gender of the professional  (s) . It can also be a male and female.

 It ‘s up to you! 


It is a special massage in which both must help the professional to give the partner pleasure and pleasant sensations.


For couples we offer the three different possibilities of tantric massages, depending on the degree of involvement you want the masseur to have, you can choose between our three massages types.


The tantric massage is a good option for beginners, if you just want to spice up a little without too much interaction. Let us know what you want to get from this experience and we will behave accordingly with your expectations. The erotic load of this massage is low. Choose this massage if you wish to pamper yourself and enjoy a moment of maximum relaxation.


The body to body massage is an intermediary option if you feel a bit more open to see,feel and exchange caress between the ones involved in the massage. It provides full interaction with the masseuses and a high level of erotism. Choose this option if you are looking for a mutual massage. Something more intense and passionate.


The VIP massage is designed for couples that consider themselves open, adventurous and very selfless when it comes to giving and receiving pleasure. A ritual explosive, intense and fun! Dare to try our skilled art of seduction where we allow a lot of closeness and a contagious impulse to let it go and enjoy the moment.


It is important to us that you feel relaxed and respected during the massage at all times. We therefore leave it up to you to decide how you would like the massage to play out. Provided you are both in agreement, we would be happy to round off your experience with a sensitive genital massage. If this takes you outside your comfort zone, you are of course free to forego this component and spend a little more alone time together with your loved one.



In none of the massages is the option of penetration, cunilingus or fellatio permitted as an alternative finish, or available during the course of the chosen massage session.