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Erotic Massage fuengirola

Just like every other aspect of life, an intimate relationship would require sustentation. In most instances, the spark in a romantic union often withers with time if there are no efforts to keep it rekindled. Couples may decide to try out unfamiliar escapades to keep this spark revitalized. Though tantric massage, otherwise known as erotic massage, have existed for centuries in the Hindu tradition, it remains one of these new resorts for fun-seeking couples in Fuengirola, because of the wide variety of sensation it offers to them. An erotic massage is an easy-to-do act you can perform with your partner to revitalize your sexual life, strengthen your bonds, and create an unimaginable connection, thus, it is not uncommon for sightseers to seek a relaxing couple’s massage in Fuengirola.


The Concept of Tantric Massage

The practice of tantric massage was derived from ancient Hindu practices. It is a full-body massage that is mainly focused on the intimate areas of the body. It is majorly aimed at exchanging sexual energy and arousing sexual mindfulness rather than achieving orgasm which can occasionally be an offshoot. Tantric massage is traditionally a concentration of spirituality and sexuality, composed of the ancient Yoni and Lingam practices. Whilst the Yoni massage emphasizes the vulva, clitoris, and the feminine g-spot, the Lingam massage concentrates on the penis and testicles.


Very intimate from the beginning, a mutual massage where she uses her whole body to massage you with a lot of *interaction*. You can caress the whole body, even the genital area, erotic postures, intimacy and eroticism guaranteed. Manual happy ending.


Best Erotic Massages for Couples

Humans are on a constant path of discovery to get the best of life, and this is why tantric massages in Fuengirola have become a lifestyle for our intimacy. Its roles, including as a form of foreplay, are inexhaustible, hence intending couples should be ready for an unending evolution as they take their first bite of tantric massages in Fuengirola.

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