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Body to body erotic massage in Fuengirola

How to give a tantric massage

Are you looking for a tantric massage in Malaga? Or maybe you would like to learn how to give a erotic massage by yourself? Surprise your partner with a very special gift. Today in Tantra Fuengirola we tell you how to learn to give a true tantric massage. Let the fun begin!

Prepare your mind and body

Before trying to give a tantric massage it is very important to be relaxed to create an atmosphere of tranquility. Do it calmly. Let your mind rest. Pay attention to your breath and with each breath, allow your body to fall into a deeper state of relaxation.

Prepare the room

Take into account each of your senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. Create the atmosphere you need by using a diffuser, burning incense, or natural candles. Put on relaxing music to finish creating the perfect atmosphere.

When you’re ready, invite your partner into space. He or she should feel like the most important person in the world as they prepare to receive that pampering session. Prepare towels for the bed, as we will be using oil and things can get complicated.

Starting the tantric massage

Look your partner in the eye while holding their hand. Take him to bed. Face off and keep your eyes on your partner. Focus on feeling connected to him or her. Breathe slowly and synchronize your breathing. Allow the energy to flow between you.

Have your partner lie face down on the bed. Begin by placing your left hand on your sacrum and your right hand on the back of your heart. By pressing with your hands, you gently rock your body in a natural, rhythmic motion.

Use oil to massage the back of your body. It begins in the center of the body and works towards its extremities. Massage every inch from your fingers to your toes. Bring the energy back into the body. Gently roll her back over. Massage your partner from head to toe as you collect sensual energy moving towards the pelvic area.

Massage for men (Lingam)

How to give the best lingam massage for men? Begin slowly by massaging around the groin and testicles. This area is full of tantric pressure points. Massage the entire area.

Move towards the pubic bone and the base of the lingam while maintaining eye contact. Begin gently stroking the lingam. You have to be aware of the pressure you use. Don’t go too fast and make sure you use a lot of oil.

Allows energy to flow up the body for a full body orgasm. When he is about to come, push the energy up his body and into his heart with your hands. It will feel like heaven to him.

Massage for women (Yoni)

How to give the best yoni massage for women?

Stroke her body slowly and bring the energy to her thighs. Begin to massage around his groin. The key is to perform the massage very gently and slowly. Massage very gently and very slowly around your labia. Avoid touching the clitoris directly. With your fingers he slowly sweeps up and down between her inner and outer lips, gently stimulating the clitoris. With their permission, slowly move your fingers to the entrance. Gently and slowly massage the walls of your yoni, smoothing out any lumps, bumps, or hard spots.

Gently massage around your cervix. With your finger inside her, point up and make a beckoning movement, you will feel her g-spot. Stroke him very gently.

When you’re done, move your hands up and down her body once more placing one hand on her heart and the other on her yoni and looking into her eyes.

Now you know how to give a tantric massage! Come try at Tantra Fuengirola! Our tantric masseurs are looking forward to meeting you.


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