The Yoni Massage

A Yoni massage is an erotic massage that can be done at home as a couple or with a professional tantric therapist.

A Yoni massage is a type of tantric massage that consists of the stimulation of the female genitalia by a tantric masseuse or masseuse using the key techniques of the tantric method. It involves pleasing the female genitalia from a physical and mental point of view.

Like normal tantra, the goal of a Yoni massage is not simply to reach orgasm, but to transcend to a higher plane of consciousness through the awakened sexual energy found within. Yoni massages, like all tantric techniques, follow several principles, including:

  • A slower approach to sexual stimulation that aims to achieve full orgasmic potency rather than achieving orgasm itself.
  • Synchronized practices such as tandem breathing, stimulation of the erogenous zones, and maintaining eye contact.
  • Greater intimacy between donor and recipient through eye contact, communication, and erogenous touches.
  • Popular tantric techniques such as edge techniques and G-spot massage.

So what are the key elements of a Yoni massage? Here are 6:

1. Prepare the mind

Before starting a Yoni massage, it is important to set the mood and make sure that you and your partner are in the right frame of mind. In our massage center in Fuengirola this is standard, and the masseuse will make you feel completely comfortable before starting the session. But if this yoni massage is done with a partner, communication between the two is also essential, discuss what they are about to do and understand how and why they will fully benefit from the experience.

2. Create the atmosphere

The environment has to be right if you want to have an incredible experience. Play with the lighting and temperature, use scented candles, and put on relaxing music. Make sure both of you have complete privacy and are as comfortable as possible.

Now that the time has come to get down to business, there are several key techniques you can use to give your partner the best Yoni massage experience. These include:

3. Cupping

Here, you cup all of her Yoni gently in your hand, applying constant pressure to the area, specifically the clitoris and labia. Alternate pressure and how quickly you apply it to ensure variety and intensity.

4. Making circles

Make gentle circular movements around the clitoris with your fingers (or your tongue). Avoid touching the clitoris directly, but only lightly rub against it. The accumulated expectation will bring her close to the point of climax, but not quite.

5. Push and pull

Place your fingertips on either side of the clitoral hood. Use a gentle push and pull method to retract and reveal the clitoris. Apply only light pressure on each side and alternate between faster and slower movements to keep things exciting.

6. Lip Sync

The clitoris is not the only sensitive part of the female genitalia; be sure to pay attention to the lips, as there are numerous sensitive nerve endings in this area. Rub your fingers gently against the edge of each lip and slowly separate them with your fingers while brushing their inner surface.


Try any of these techniques and get ready to experience the best sex of your life. Whether with a partner or a professionally trained tantric masseuse, a Yoni massage is an experience that should be felt by anyone who wishes to feel the full potential of their erotic energy.

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