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The Lingam Massage

Lingam massages have been around for centuries and the subtle art has been perfected over the years by tantra masters. They used the technique as more than just a way to increase sexual pleasure, but also as a way to unblock the flow of energy found within the body.

A Lingam massage is a unique tantric experience that involves stimulating the penis with various tantric massage techniques. It is an extremely deep and enjoyable experience when done correctly. It can be performed in the bedroom by a partner or by a trained professional masseuse or masseuse.

How to prepare for a tantric massage?

A Lingam massage involves more than just stimulating the male genitalia. The mental preparation is just as important as the physical appearance, if not more. So here are some key steps to creating the right mood:

  • Scented candles create a relaxing and sensual atmosphere.
  • Soothing music and soft lights help set the right mood.
  • Communication between the donor and the recipient.
  • Set the room to a comfortable temperature.

What to expect of Lingam Erotic Massage

Whether you are trying a tantric massage with a partner or in a tantric massage center like ours, a Lingam massage includes the following:

1. The massage begins

The masseuse makes the recipient feel very comfortable, applying the first touches of the hand to different parts of the body. The delicate touches begin to apply more pressure and intensity to the erogenous areas, including the neck, ears, nipples, and then to the penis.

2. Intensity

The masseuse holds the penis with both hands, sliding the fingers along the top of the shaft while the thumbs are gently pressed against the bottom of the penis. Alternating hands, the penis is raised slightly and stroked with the index finger and thumb, from the base to the head of the penis.

3. Pressure

One hand is used to gently hold the base of the penis, with the other hand gently stroking upward toward the head of the penis. Keeping the thumb of the second hand pointing upward, it is used to gently apply pressure to the underside of the penis.

4. Petting

The frenulum of the penis is caressed with one hand, making slow circles with the thumbs and fingers. The other hand gently strokes the penis from the base up with slow twisting movements.

5. Up and down

The masseuse then uses her weaving to wrap around the shaft of the penis, a hand position that is similar to a prayer pose. The thumbs are placed on the underside of the penis, gently stroking up and down. The stimulation of the penis increases due to the alternating speed of the blows and the applied pressure. to make things exciting.

6. Climactic stimulation

By pressing the fingers in the area between the testicles and the anus, called the perineum, pressure is applied gently, stimulating the prostate and providing even more stimulation and pleasure. If at this moment the recipient feels that the stimulation is at the right point, they can feel the relief and pleasure of an intense orgasm.

Benefits of a tantric massage

A Lingam Massage offers much more than a sexual experience, and it includes many benefits. This massage can, for example, 1) increase intimacy and trust between you and your partner, 2) help men to achieve more pleasant orgasms, 3) help in the treatment of certain sexual dysfunctions that are typical of men, 4) helping performance anxiety, delayed ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, 5) it’s a great way to add some novelty to a person’s sexual experience.

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